Western Australia

Part 9 - Esperance and environs

Getting down to the South East region of WA, you pass Norseman, another town which
became popular due to its gold findings. The town was named after a horse whose
hooves turned up a large gold nugget. After this stop, the road continues to Esperance.
Esperance and the Bay of Isles is famous for its white sandy beaches  and clear blue waters.
The best way to get an impression of Esperance is to do the Tourist Loop.
Doing this you will pass Pink Lake and have many other occasions to stop at lookout points
and get an impression of the beautiful beaches. As for Pink Lake, this lake got its name
because it appears pink or even purple because of some algae. But a lot depends on the weather.

Pink Lake     Esperance Coast     Esperance Beach     Coastal View     Esperance Coast

Esperance Coast     Esperance Coast     Esperance Beach     Esperance Coast

About 50 Kms east of Esperance you will reach Cape Le Grand National Park.
This 315 square Kms park is an absolute must as it is one of the most spectacular
and beautiful areas on the south east coast. You will find many superb beaches
with snow white sand and blue water. Places not to miss are Hellfire bay, Thistle Cove
or Lucky Bay just to name a few. There is a coastal trail starting at Le Grand Beach
and ending at Rossiter Bay. It is about 15 Kms and you will need about a day for this hike.

Cape Le Grand Ntl Park    Cape Le Grand Ntl Park    Cape Le Grand Ntl Park    Dune System    Cape Le Grand Beach

Dune System    Wildflowers    Dune System    Cape Le Grand Beach    Banksia

Cape Le Grand Ntl Park    Granite at Twistle Cove    Granite at Twistle Cove    Twistle Cove    Granite at Twistle Cove    Granite at Twistle Cove

Another highlight of the park is Frenchman Peak. It will take about 1.5 hours to reach
the top of this 262 meters high granite rock. The views across the
bay and the National park from the top are fabulous.

Frenchman Peak     Frenchman Peak View     Frenchman Peak View     Frenchman Peak View

On top of Frenchman Peak          On top of Frenchman Peak          On top of Frenchman Peak

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