Western Australia

Part 1 - A brief stop in the Kimberley region

Back in 95 and 96, two trips brought us to discover this vast state, somehow a country on
its own separated by deserts from the rest of Australia. WA is the largest state of Australia,
packed with lots of natural wonders and great beaches.
The first stops were Broome, the so called Pearl of the North and Derby, the gateway to the Kimberley.
This region, covering some 420.000 square Kms , contains some of Australia's most unique natural wonders.
Just before reaching Derby, you will see Boab Prison Tree and a little further, the adventure
starts when getting onto the famous Gibb River Road, once built as a beef road for large road trains
between Derby and Wyndham. There were plans to seal this road which would really be a shame.
The best period to travel the North is said to be between May and November, this however depending on the Wet.

Gibb River Road       Boab tree       Gibb River Road       Gibb River Road

The first highlights are Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek National Parks.
Tunnel Creek offers the possibility to explore a creek flowing through a natural 750 meters long
tunnel beneath Napier Range. Wading through the cold water gives you a break from the outside heat,
but ensure you take along a good torch for this fascinating experience.
Windjana Gorge is a 3.5 Kms long gorge, formed by the Lennard River, rising about 90 meters high from
the river bed level. You may see crowds of Corellas, Fruit bats or even Freshies in this canyon
which is the remaining of an ancient reef. Plan your hike through the gorge either early morning
or late afternoon as it gets really hot during day.

Tunnel Creek   Tunnel creek   Tunnel creek   Corella   Windjana Gorge   Windjana Gorge

Windjana Gorge    Windjana Gorge    Windjana Gorge    Windjana Gorge    Windjana Gorge

Geikie Gorge National Park, located some 15 Kms from Fitzroy Crossing, is usually open from April to October.
The highlight is the 14 Kms long gorge, formed by the Fitzroy River, which can be explored by daily boat trips.
During the Wet, the cliffs of the gorge are cleaned by the river which can rise up to 17 meters.
There is no camping in this Park and normally people will stay in Fitzroy Crossing when visiting the area.
The oldest Kimberley Pub, the Crossing Inn, which was established back in the 1890s, is situated
in this sleepy service town  on the Northern Highway.

Geikie Gorge   Geikie Gorge   Geikie Gorge   Geikie Gorge   Geikie Gorge   Geikie Gorge

On the way to Fitzroy Crossing       Fitzroy Crossing       Fitzroy Crossing       Great Northern Highway

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