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Part 3 - Karijini National Park - Hamersley Range

The next highlight when heading south towards Pilbara and inland from Port Headland is
Karijini National Park. The second largest National park of Western Australia offers rugged scenery,
mountains, watercourses, plateaux and most dramatic gorges.
The northern entry point, coming from Auski Road House, via Yampire Gorge still shows veins of
asbestos in the rocks, and you should not drive with open car windows on windy days.

Pilbara Scenery     Pilbara Scenery     On the way to Yampire Gorge     Pilbara Scenery     Old Termite Mound

Karijini Gorge    Karijini Gorge    Karijini Scenery    Karijini Scenery    Fortescue Falls    Karijini Gorge

The park offers an important variety of walking trails through the gorges and at selected
spots,  you may find waterfalls and pools to refresh. Circular pool and Fortescue falls have
water all year long. The red plateaux, that have been carved
by erosion over millions of years, are covered with Spinifex gras; Termite mounds and
Eucalyptus trees offering shelter for a large range of animals.

Pilbara Scenery                    

      Pilbara Scenery      Oxer Lookout      Oxer Lookout      Oxer Lookout

 Plan plenty of time to explore the different gorges or perhaps have a nice and refreshing
swim in one of the pools like the one in Dales Gorge fed by the Fortescue falls.
One of the most spectacular views of the park is offered at Oxer Lookout, where you
can overlook the junction of Hancock, Red, Weano and Joffre Gorges.
In Hamersley Gorge, located in the western part of the Park, you will find
colourful folded rocks and once again nice cool pools.

Pilbara Scenery     Hamersley Gorge     Hamersley Gorge     Hamersley Gorge     Hamersley Scenery

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