Western Australia

Part 4 - From Millstream Chichester National Park to Carnarvon

The next stop when heading north from Tom Price, like Newman, a town built to
service the iron ore industry, towards the coast is Millstream Chichester National park.
Permits to use the company owned and unsealed Tom Price Railway road
can be obtained at Hamersley Iron.
Millstream covers about 2.000 square Kms of table lands and ranges scattered with
Spinifex Gras and White Gum Trees. It further offers the tranquility of an oasis
with pools, palms and water flowers. Python Pool, a deep water hole at the base of
tall cliffs offers an excellent spot for a picnic or a swim. The 30 Kms long Millstream
circuit via Snappy Gum Drive will provide excellent views around Fortescue River.

Tom Price Railway Road     Fortescue River Scenery     Millstream  Scenery     Fortescue River Scenery

Millstream Circuit     Millstream Scenery     Millstream Scenery     Fortescue River Scenery

Millstream Scenery          Pilbara Scenery          Python Pool          Pilbara Scenery

Heading back to the coastal town of Karratha, established to suit the needs
of the natural resources of the Pilbara region. You will find one of the biggest
shopping centres between Perth and Darwin here. A visit which you might consider
is the historical town of Onslow. From here it's quite a distance to the next major
highlight, Cape Range National Park and the Ningaloo Reef on the Gascoyne Coast.
This reef can easily be accessed from the shore and is the largest one of Western Australia.
It is most famous for its Whale Sharks, Humpback Whales, Dugongs and Greenback Turtles.
Exmouth, which was badly touched by a cyclone in 1999, is an excellent point to
start your visits to either part of the reef or Cape Range National Park. Places not to miss
include Shothole Canyon, North West Cape, Milyering Bicentennial Visitors Centre,
Mandu Gorge and Yardie Creek, a beautiful gorge with blue water surrounded by red walls
and finally the beautiful beaches like Turquoise.
Drive slowly in this region, especially like anywhere else in Australia around sunset,
as there is plenty of wildlife.

Shothole Canyon    Shothole Canyon    Shothole Canyon    North West Cape    Dunes

Beach Scenery          Turquoise Beach          Beach Sunset          Turquoise Beach

Eagle          Kangaroo          Roos at Water Hole

Following the Ningaloo Yardie Creek road (4 WD only) will bring you to Coral Bay.
You will reach this small resort as well by sealed roads. Just off the shore, you are
able to discover a coral reef system.

Coral Bay from above                    Ningaloo Reef from above

Heading further down south brings you to Carnarvon, still about 900 Kms from Perth.
Check out the condition of the One Mile Jetty, access used to be rather dangerous.
Ensure not to miss the Blowholes, where water will sometimes be forced up through
the rocks to a height of about 20 meters. This spot is located some 70 Kms north of
Carnarvon, and a little further up north, you may discover the wreck of the Korean Star.

Carnarvon Coast        Carnarvon Coast        Blowholes        Korean Star

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