Northern Territory (part 3 continued)

After leaving Kings Canyon, the way goes on to the main tourist spot
in the Central Desert area, Uluru - Kata Tjuta Ntl Park, or perhaps better
known under the names of Ayers Rock and the Olgas.
It is surrounded by a flat desert plain and so the first sight
of Uluru rising up is something very special.

Desert view   Mount Conner   Desert view  Endless road  Uluru   Uluru   Clouds over Uluru

Plan a stop enroute towards the Ntl Park at Mt Conner Lookout to have
a short break and enjoy some desert views.
Some folks still think that Uluru is right next to Alice, well there are some
500 kms between these 2 spots and if you plan on making Alice your
departure point for a one day trip, you'll end up with a day filled with driving.

Uluru view    Uluru view    Clouds over Uluru    Uluru view

If you can afford it time wise, plan 2 to 3 days to discover the area with it's 2 major attractions,
you'll be able to see the both beautiful sunsets at Uluru and Kata Tjuta. The best option
is to rent a car in order to go wherever and whenever you want and not depending
only on coach tours departing from Yulara, Ayers Rock resort with accommodation
ranging from caravan park to luxury hotel.
One more point to mention, Uluru is the second largest monolith in the world
right after Mt Augustus in Western Australia.

Ntl Park sign   Mutitjulu walk   Cultural Centre view   Liru walk   Uluru view

Doing the base walk   Base walk view   Base walk view   The climb   The climb   The climb

You have the choice of short walks from the brilliant Uluru - Kata Tjuta Cultural Center
towards the rock or its surrounds guided by local rangers or you can do the bottom walk,
a 9 km long trail around the base of the rock eventually taking up to 5 hours depending
on your speed. Aboriginal spiritual areas are forbidden to tourists and signs or fences
should be observed. There are also the non ending discussions whether to climb the
rock or not, everybody should make his choice knowing that this goes against
the local Aboriginal beliefs.
Whatever walk you choose, take enough water along.

Sunset     Sunset     Sunset     Sunset

Sunset          Sunset

One thing's for sure, don't miss a sunset at Uluru, you'll never forget it during
your whole life. Ensure to be there on time and stay until dark, should it be on a
coach or motorbike tour arranged from Yulara, or by your own transport.
The other main attraction of the area is Kata Tjuta, about 40 kms away
from Uluru.

Kata Tjuta  Kata Tjuta  Road sign  The Olgas  Olga Gorge walk  Olga Gorge walk

Like Uluru, Kata Tjuta is of a high spiritual significance to the local Aboriginal people.
Although Uluru being the main tourist attraction point, Kata Tjuta is  as
spectacular with its dome shaped structures. Once again, whatever may be your
choice of walking trails, the almost 8 km Valley of the Winds walk or the much
shorter Olga Gorge walk, don't forget to carry along enough drinking water,
wear a hat, use the accurate footwear and don't forget the sunscreen.

Warning     The valley of the winds     Valley of the winds walk     Valley of the winds walk     Kata Tjuta sunset

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