Northern Territory (continued part 2)

Leaving Finke Gorge and back onto Mereenie Loop Road to continue the
next part of the journey towards Kings Canyon, one of the
great natural wonders of the Red Centre.

First sights of Kings Canyon    Kings Canyon    Steep climb    Reaching the top    Canyon walk

Sandstone cliffs rising partly up to 150 meters high are the most impressive feature
of the Canyon. There are 2 interesting walks, the Canyon walk taking about
4 hours and beginning with a steep climb leading up to the top
and then following the rim of the canyon before descending back to the carpark.
If you opt for this walk, ensure you have sufficient water with you and as
usual wear a hat.

On top    Top view    Top view    Flower    Tree on top    Vegetation

The spectacular views from the rim will compensate all the pains you might
have encountered on your way up. See the domes of the Lost city or a valley
with permanent waterholes and lush vegetation called the Garden of Eden.
Watarrka Ntl Park (Kings Canyon) is as well a refuge for lots of
plants and animals.
The second walking trail called the Kings creek walk is much easier to do,
although not offering such spectacular sights. It takes about
an hour to complete and leads to a lookout point.

Watarrka Ntl Park    View from the rim    Kings Canyon view    Watarrka Ntl Park    Rim view    Watarrka Ntl Park

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