Northern Territory (part 4 continued)

Leaving Uluru - Kata Tjuta Ntl Park via Lasseter Hwy, you get onto the famous
Stuart Highway at Erlunda intersection. Stuart Hwy is one of the most important
roads traversing the whole country from south to north.
Think about a next stop, on your way to Alice, at Henbury Meteorites
Conservation Reserve, where a meteor hit the earth about 4,700 years ago.
A next stop could be Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve, this one only
accessible by 4 WD,  dominated by sandstone bluffs and cliffs.

Rainbow Valley     Rainbow Valley     Rainbow Valley     Rainbow Valley
Storm over the desert          Storm over the desert

East of Alice, you get to the East MacDonnell Ranges with first stops at
Emily & Jesse Gap and Corroboree Rock Conservation Reserve before
reaching Trephina Gorge Nature Park, the most spectacular Gorge of the
East MacDonnells. The red walls of the gorge together with ghost gum trees
offer a spectacular scenery. The largest ghost gum of Central Australia
can as well be found within the Nature park. There are number of short walks
in the Gorge or you can choose the longer Trephina Ridge top walk.

Ghost gum tree    Ghost gum tree    Trephina Gorge    Trephina Gorge    Trephina Gorge

Trephina Gorge        John Hayes Rockhole Track        Overview        Overview

Continuing eastwards, you continue your way on an unsealed road
to Arltunga Historical Reserve. The main attraction is a patially restored ghost town
of what used to be the first Central Australian town during a gold rush back in 1887.
Travelling further to Ruby Gap Nature Park will require 4 WD and you should
check the road conditions towards Ruby Gap at the Ranger's station in Arltunga.
Another option is N'Dhala Gorge Nature Park on your way back towards Alice.
Take care, there are camels crossing when getting close to Ross River Homestead.

Arltunga Tourist Drive    Arltunga Ghost Town    Camel X-ing    Camels    Camels

N'Dhala Gorge is an important site for the local Aboriginal comunity and features
hundreds of rock carvings. The 4 WD track to get to N'Dhala Gorge crosses the
Ross River at several times and eventually becomes impassable
after heavy rain. Unfortunately this happened to me, and instead of seing
N'Dhala Gorge, I continued my way on the Explorers 4 WD route before returning
to Alice. Ensure while being in Alice a visit to the Desert Park. Should your time
be restricted, this park will give you some ideas about the Australian deserts.

Ross River Creek        Ross River creek        Ross River creek        Explorers 4 WD Route intersection

Desert Park Emu          Desert Park Eagle          Desert Park Emu

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