Queensland (continued part 2)

Leaving Hervey Bay, we continued our way back up the coast towards Bundaberg
which is famous for it's rum. Another sight which is usual from here all the way up
to Cairns are the sugar cane fields.

On the road          Hotel          Town view

We left the usual tourist way heading inland to Carnarvon National Park. As lodging
is rather restricted here, actually there is a campground and a lodge, you better plan
in advance. The last part of the road is (or used to be) unsealed, and some times
our small car wasn't at it's best...
There are beautiful walking tracks through Carnarvon Gorge which is famous
as well for its ancient Aboriginal paintings. As about everywhere in Australia, be prepared
to carry enough drinking water along.

Sunset    Carnarvon sunset    Natural display    Aboriginal paintings    Amphitheatre

Aboriginal paintings     Carnarvon gorge     Cathedral cave     Leaving Carnarvon

After leaving this beautiful area, the next stop was the Gem Field region with town names
like Emerald, Rubyvale or Sapphire. This once again is not located on the main tourist
way, but is definitely worth a visit. An underground mine visit is a must while here.

Gemfield town          Sign post          Advertising

Leaving the Gem Fields area towards the coast was once again a challenge for our car...

Grid          In the middle of nowhere          Heading to the coast

We got back to the coast at Mackay and continued our way up to Airlie Beach.
This town as well as Shute Harbour are the gateways to the Whitsundays, an excellent
opportunity for a relaxing holiday on one of the many tropical islands.
For many people, it's as well a starting point towards the Great Barrier Reef although
still about 25 miles away from the nearest reef platforms.

Whitsundays     Sail boats     Tropical paradise     Whitsundays scenery

Back on the road again after a short recover, we headed towards Townsville passing
large sugar plantations.

Hotel  Sugar fields  Storm coming up  Storm over sugar fields  Sunset

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