New Zealand Itinerary Days 12 - 15

Day 12: After leaving early in the morning from Kaiapoi, the next stop was Kaikoura where
            a whale watch tour was planned. As we only got one in the afternoon (you better book
            ahead), we had some time to see the vicinity. So to name a few stops; the Fyffe house,
            Lookout point, Maori Leap cave and a seal colony. At almost 2.00 pm, we finally joined
            our (delayed) tour, and even though the sea was a little rough, it was great seeing
            4 Sperm whales, hundreds of Dusky dolphins and another seal colony. Due to bad
            weather the trip was shortened, but anyhow it had been exciting.
            After seeing another seal colony at Otumatu Rock, the stop for the night (still far
            away at this time) was Motueka where we arrived rather exhausted late in the eve.

Dusky dolphins having fun          Kaikoura from outlook          Dusky dolphins and spectators

Whale diving          Whale breathing          Whale diving

Day 13: For once not driving that much... From Kaiteriteri, a water taxi brought us to Torrent
            Bay in beautiful Abel Tasman National Park, and from her it was just a "short"
            13.5 km walk to Tonga all the way following the Abel Tasman coastal track. After
            this nice walk, the water taxi picked us up again to bring us back to our departure
            point. Finally a little sunburned... you wouldn't have expected it after all.

Torrent Bay      River crossing in Abel Tasman      Abel Tasman coastal track      Bark Bay

Fern      Fern      Fern

Day 14: Another day in Abel Tasman National Park. After a short brief in Marahau beach
            camp, we are ready for something new, Abel Tasman sea kayaking. Takes everybody
            a while to get used to this but our guides do a great job. Of course all this makes hungry
            as well and we use lovely beaches for a morning break and later on a lunch break.
            In the afternoon, we use a kind of sail to bring back our 5 kayaks, tied together,
            to Marahau. This saves all of us from spending more energy and definitely goes faster.

Exploring Abel Tasman by kayak   Doing a great job   Split apple rock   Listening to the guide   Exploring another island

Day 15: Today we will leave the beautiful South island. On our way to Picton, we drive along the
             coastal scenic drive, giving great views over the Marlborough sounds. Our ferry leaves
             at 1.30 pm, and as we will take our van on the ferry, an early booking, already done from
             home, was necessary. Again, spectacular views from the Interislander crossing over
             Queen Charlotte sound.
             Upon our arrival in Wellington, we decide to skip the capital, and continue our
             way up to Napier. Definitely too much driving...

Coastal scenic drive      Interislander crossing       On the road to Napier      Nice Hotel

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